FAGE Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt is high protein and so versatile. It can be added to almost any meal and makes a great snack.

I tried FAGEs Classic, 2% and 0% Greek yogurts and its fair to say I will never go back to another type again.  FAGE yogurts are 100% natural which is great, but best of all they taste amazing! FAGE yogurts are made without added preservatives, thickeners or stabilizers. So you can be sure you are only putting good ingredients into your body.


Think you can imagine how excited i was when this turned up on the doorstep!

0% Fat Greek yogurt                                                                                                                                                                   Classic Greek yogurt


0% Fat Greek yogurt nutrient value wise, the 0% fat wins by a substantial distance, with 10.3g protein and 0g fat per 100g and only 57 calories! This yogurt is rich, thick, creamy and low calorie – don’t think you could ask for more!


The classic variety is 5% fat with 96 calories with 9g protein 100g. This rich and creamy yogurt needs no added extras and can be enjoyed just be spooning out of the container!

2% Greek yogurt


The 2% fat is 76 calories with 9.9g protein and 2g fat per 100g.

Each of the yogurts have different consistencies and therefore make them good for different recipes. Whilst I would choose the 0% fat as a snack on its own (perfect topped with some fruit and honey!) If freezing the yogurt i.e. to make a frozen yogurt, then I would suggest one of the higher fat products.

Recipes using FAGE Greek Yogurt:

Creamy avocado dip:

Tuna Burgers:

Vanilla Pancakes: