SOS | Electrolyte Hydration Powder

SOS is an electrolyte hydration powder that has been designed to help us all get more out of water thanks to the ‘correct amount and balance of electrolytes’. The SOS mix has been formulated to prevent mild to moderate dehydration in active lifestyles.

Did you know (according to the SOS site):

During a normal day we lose about two liters of water just through breathing, sweat, urine and bowel movements. When we exercise we can lose up to two liters per hour depending on the type of physical activity. Also, while sweating, we lose two main electrolytes: sodium (range 10-70 mEq/L) and chloride (range 5-60 mEq/L).

Finding something to help me keep hydrated is something that I am in desperate need of- as I am super active, and always struggling to drink enough. Sound like you?

Check out this video to find out more:

SOS effectively combats the tiredness, fatigue and dehydration caused by travel, work, play and exercise that fuels todays modern active lifestyle.

Hydration is important to everyone, check out this video to find out how SOS can help everyone to beat dehydration:

But hydration is especially important for sportspeople because just a 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can reduce athletic performance by 20%! Why? Well when we loose water we will suffer a loss of energy and focus- not ideal if you are running a hard race, or trying to score a goal in a football game! Thankfully, proper hydration with a electrolyte hydration powder such as SOS can prevent this.

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Another great benefit of SOS powder is that it not only tastes great, but it also contains less carbohydrates than other sports drinks which will help to ensure that you take in the water that you are drinking- thanks to the right balance of electorlytes and glucose.


What are you waiting for? Go and check out SOS for yourself! Head to their website now to find the perfect hydration powder for you:


Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business. Their mission is to bring you the natural vitality of Africa’s ancient ingredients, while creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers.

Aduna has a range of products that are packed full of African ‘super-ingredients’ include the extraordinary Baobab fruit, Moringa leaf and Super-Cacao. These awesome ingredients can be found and bought as pure powders, which would be ideal for boosting smoothies, food and drinks.

If you check out the Aduna website you will be able to find a host of recipes using the super-ingredients, like this banana bread with chocolate-peanut butter swirl:


You can also enjoy the super-ingredients as raw energy bars, made entirely from cold-pressed fruit and nuts- brilliant as a mid morning or afternoon snack. The packaging for the bars is almost as awesome as the bar inside- super smart, clear to read and even has a gold sticker! Check out the range of bars:

aduna.pngAfter trying the bars myself, although I loved the variety available, and the unusual superfood ingredients, I did find them a little dense- which is fine if you are really hungry and looking for something to fill a gap, but as I often munch on a bar quickly post training, I found them a little too heavy. However, that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the bars, and it seems to be a quality of the bars that loads of people really love.

Head to the Aduna website, or one of the Aduna stockists, to buy your own!

I have enjoyed the bars in a different way. For example, instead of having them as a quick bite after training, I have found that a great way to enjoy the bars is chopped up and added to cereal, or smoothie bowls. Their superfood ingredients add an awesome boost to breakfast! You could chop up a bar, and add it to this incredible purple smoothie bowl (recipe available on the Aduna website):

Purple Power Smoothie Bowl

If the taste, and superfood elements of the Aduna products aren’t enough to get you to try them, then the social impact that Aduna has is incredible, and surely will. Check out this video to learn about how boabab production can change and impact a rural community in Africa:

For more information shoot us a message, head to Instagram (@trainandchew or @glb_racewalk) or head to the Aduna website where you can buy their products or find out more!


Enertor provides world-class orthotic insoles for elite athletes (like Usain Bolt), Premier League footballers, the Sky Cycle Team and even The British Military, enabling them to perform to the highest standards.

Check out this video to hear about the history of this awesome company:

To find out more, and to buy your own Enertor insoles head to: 

Use code: GLB10 to get a discount at the checkout! 

Yes, even Usain Bolt trusts and uses Enertor insoles to ensure that he can continue training hard so that he can achieve on the track. wears Check out this super motivating video of Bolt’s running story:

But Enertor are not only making insoles for the professionals, they are adamant that everyone can benefit from their expertise and technology!

For example, if you struggle to exercise because your feet hurt, or you are looking to improve your parkrun PB, but worried that increasing your training might increase injury risk, then why not consider getting some Enertor insoles to reduce impact, reduce pain and help increase your performance!



I have been wearing Enertor insoles in my running and casual trainers for almost a month. Although at first I felt like they made my trainers a little heavy, and I had to get used to feeling a little higher up, after a couple of days I got used to them and now love how stable and supported I feel when wearing them. I have also noticed that my feet haven’t been hurting as much after work, and so I am able to train harder and recover quicker.

Check out @glb_racewalk on Instagram for images, action shots and more information!

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But it is not just me that thinks this! There are loads of great product reviews on the Enertor site, here are a couple:


To find out more, and to buy your own Enertor insoles head to: 

Use code: GLB10 to get a discount at the checkout! 



What is Purition?

‘Well it has a lot less sugar than a smoothie. It’s way more filling than any of those meal replacement thingies and unlike protein shakes – it’s packed with real food. Quite simply it’s a glass full of healthy to build your day on.’ – Purition website

I came across Purition when I was searching for filling, nutritious and quick breakfast and post training options. Unlike many other protein supplements, Purition is made from real food- I can actually recognize every ingredient! Literally, the powder contains no gums, unrecognizable fillers, thickeners, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Just simple wholesome food ingredients. I loved this, and it ticked a box for me 🙂

Another awesome bonus of Purition is that there are loads of interesting flavours to try… whether you enjoy classics such as strawberry or chocolate, or are keen to try something a little different like pistachio or coconut. Most of thier products contain whey, but they also have a range of vegan shakes which are boosted with hemp. Have a look at their range:


Purition comes in large bags with scoops- as you may get with other protein supplements, or you can get individual sachets. As I wanted to try all of the range, or at least as many as possible, I ordered a sample selection. I also like how the sachets are pre-portioned and easy to carry- brilliant for after training or to take with me when I go away.


Purition suggest enjoying their powder as a shake. Simply combining the powder with a milk of your choice…. as suggested below:

What to do.jpg

Making a shake is easy, convenient and tasty. It also ensures that you get everything you need in one glass! I am not sure about it keeping you full for 4 hours on its own, but if you combine it with some fruit, veggies and milk in a smoothie it should do.

For breakfast yesterday, I enjoyed the macadamia and vanilla shake blended with almond milk, soya yogurt, and a banana, some spinach, avocado, and a handful of berries. It was delicious as a smoothie bowl topped off with some Pip and Nut peanut butter, a sprinkle of Rolla Granola and some extra berries- but any of your favorite toppings would work really well.


But why stop at smoothies? 

One of my go to snacks is a plant based chocolate mouse, combining banana, avocado and cocoa, but I thought I would try mixing Purition in instead of cocoa. I used the coconut flavoured powder in my mix, and it was awesome! I know the mush is green, but it tasted so great.

Also, because Purition is full of real food goodness- high in protein, healthy fats and just enough carbohydrates- the mix was ideal for a treat after training. I served my delicious mixture with lots more coconut, including COYO yogurt, Meridian coconut and peanut butter, and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut. However you could combine any of the Purition flavours that you like (I would recommend chocolate or macadamia and vanilla) with avocado and banana, and top your mousse off with whatever you love and it would be awesome!

The opportunities for getting creative with Purition are almost limitless- overnight oats, cake, bread, ice cream! Check out the Purition website for more ideas. It would be great to hear what you make using Purition- just post a comment!


If you want to learn more about Purition, or want to buy some for yourself, then head to the Purition website here:

Or, follow Purition on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Performance Ground

Performance Ground was founded in order to empower athletes of all levels to unlock their body’s best performance.

I really loved this mission and so didn’t think twice about working with the team in order to develop my strength, work on my weaknesses and become the best athlete that I can. 

Performance Ground is based in Holborn which is right in the heart of London: 

Performance ground

Although I don’t live in London, I am still able to work with Performance Ground online. You can start to work with them too, simply check out their online forums! But, when I can get to London I always make sure to pop in to the awesome gym and catch up with the team because that is how I know that I am on track, and also ensure that I am doing everything properly.

Also, the gym really is one of the coolest, and best equipped gyms that I have seen in London. So I wouldn’t want to miss out! I mean just check out these images of the facility that I found on the Performance Gym website (and I guarantee the facility does look like that as I have been there!):


According to Performance Ground, ‘the facility that is revolutionizing Central London’s fitness industry’.


Not only is the gym awesome, always super tidy and full of top end equipment, what they believe in is great too:

  1. Being the best: We are committed to being the best in sports performance.
  2. Accessibility: Science driven performance coaching has been accessible to elite athletes only. We make it accessible to athletes of all levels and individuals of all backgrounds.
  3. Camaraderie: We believe in creating a community of like minded people.

I really enjoy working with Performance Ground to improve myself, and boost my strength.

I personally work with Tristan who is the Performance Director. He has years’ of experience in coaching strength and conditioning to amateur and elite athletes across a number of different sports- I think I am his first race walker! He, like the other members of the Performance Ground team, know what they are talking about and have worked with me as an individual.

Here are a couple of pictures of me working hard on my stability, control and strength.



Want to find out more? 

For more information on Performance Ground, to see what other services they offer, or to see how you can get involved check out their website here:  or send them an email:

Don’t miss the Performance Ground blog

Also, makes sure to check out their blog because it is full of interesting content that will help you to be the best you can be, whether you are a rugby player, runner or want to build strength for day to day activities. The blog is available on the Performance Ground website, you can find it here: