Myprotein and more

Myprotein is an affordable supplement company with a huge range of products we are slowly making our way through! They sent a few products to us here at T&C HQ and here is what we thought of the products:

White Chocolate Almond Cookie;

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A sweet, protein filled cookie perfect for a post-gym refuel or an afternoon snack on-the-go. I personally found the cookie very sweet so it was a way for me tosatisfy my sweet tooth, crush those cravings! I crumbled the cookie up and it turned out as a great topper to any dessert or snack!

Caramel & Peanut Protein Choux Bar;


Lover of caramel, chocolate and peanuts? Craving snickers? This MP bar is the perfect substitution to your daily chocolate bar. A high protein great tasting version!

Cookies and Cream Whey;

The MP whey is mixable so perfect just as a shake post gym. However, I like to mix it up and get creative with whey. Perfect just 11830757_10207665648017872_885781272_nas a shake, mixed into yoghurt, creamy smoothie or as a cake. With a huge range of different flavoured wheys you will have a protein flavour for all taste buds. We recommend this flavour until we are able to get through the rest of MP stock!


Cookies & Cream Mugcake topped with Greek Yoghurt, Agave & Walnuts

 Golden Syrup Pancake Mix;11850938_10207665709179401_1518377406_n

Struggling to get the perfect mix to create the perfect protein pancakes? Myprotein have created a ready-made great tasting mix making that lovable breakfast, snack (or lets be honest dinner) easy to create. I personally love to make these to satisfy my sweet tooth and get creative on toppings! MP also offer Maple Syrup, Unflavoured and Chocolate flavoured Pancake Mixes.

MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim;

11774681_10207617192686519_615549177_n 11798448_10207617197166631_1277706426_nA low calorie drink, perfect for during training sessions or in the day to keep cravings at bay and energy levels high. We got to try Orange and Passionfruit which was full of flavour and perfect way to quench thirst. Other flavours MP include Mixed Berry.

Take a look at Myprotein’s website for more information on the products above, as well as some interesting women’s fitness articles:

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