What is healthiness?

Something which I see a lot, especially with the girls at university, is people thinking that eating salad leaves is being ‘healthy’. Many of my friends often order a salad when we are out for dinner, or I hear them saying that they are going to be healthy and “cook a salad” for lunch. I know and understand that salads are a good part of a healthy diet, but are they really enough to allow a person to be truly ‘healthy’?


This topic came about again when I saw a quote. I thought this was interesting as it touched on the very topic of salads. It said:

“Healthy doesn’t mean a salad, healthy isn’t a measure or a weight. Being healthy involves your mind, spirit and heart just as much as it involves your body. Each person’s version of healthy is different. Sweets don’t make you unhealthy but sadness will”

Healthy living is a lifestyle choice. It involves eating healthily i.e. meeting your individual nutritional needs, but also living a life that you love. This is something which counting calories, meal replacements and constant worrying is not part of, and will never be a part of. Being healthy is not a diet nor is it a short term fix.


Instead, if you want to become ‘healthy’ then you  should make a lifestyle change. This should be maintainable and doable for the long term. You must not judge your ‘healthiness’ by a number on the scale or a dress size. Instead you should assess your healthiness by how you feel. Healthy is being fit and active, living a happy and enjoyable life.

meal replacer

Too many people spend their lives on constant diets or restricting themselves without being able to enjoy themselves. Healthy food does not have to be boring or restrictive, you can get full and energy from delicious whole REAL foods! This is something that people should really think about next time they are in the supermarket and are considering buying the ‘low-cal/ low’fat meal replacement bars or shakes’.

Further to this, I have noticed that meal supplements and replacements are becoming more and more available. Far too many people are relying on these as their sole daily nutrient source. This is not how humans are meant to live. All nutrients and needs are found in real foods.


Personally I don’t think that supplements are needed, however I do think that some protein shakes and bars are good as a transportable, convenient snack or post workout addition, but even these should not be relied upon daily.


There are many people who are becoming too reliant on such bars and shakes with the mentality that this is the only way that you can get fit and stay healthy, rather than embracing the lifestyle change and realizing that there are other methods and ways to be healthy that involves eating delicious and nutritious food.


So if you are trying to be healthy, or looking to change your lifestyle, look into how you can work this into your routine and around your life. Change your lifestyle for the better, and forever – don’t try and get a quick fix!

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