As you’re probably aware my love of peanut butter, well any nut butter in general, is strong so when I was given the chance to try PPB I was not going to turn it down! I got the opportunity to try Chocolate PPB, PPB, and PPB sweetened with Stevia, all of which were amazing!


I loved it so much as used it in a number of ways. I added this PPB to my smoothie and created a thicker, peanut addition which was delicious. I made it into a thicker consistency by adding less water, and I used it to top rice cakes, finished by a dollop of strawberry jam.

photo 4

I also used it as a porridge topper. It was the perfect, healthy and indulgent finish to a perfect breakfast. I even tried it as a sauce for pancakes- the recipe for this dish is below!

photo 3

PPB is powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing out the oils and dehydrating resulting in 90% less fat than regular peanut butter. This results in less calories, and less oilyness, so is a perfect substitution to regular peanut butter for anyone trying to reduce calorific consumption.

PPB has a strong peanut taste and is can be made into the consistency of choice. I used the PPB to make both a peanut sauce by adding more water and also a peanut spread by reducing the quantity of water added.

Definitely a product which I would recommend, especially peanut butter lovers looking for something new to try! So versatile and delicious!

Refreshing Berry and PPB Smoothie

photo 1

1 banana

1 tbsp chocolate PPB

1 handful of berries

Squeeze of agave

200ml milk

Blend, serve and Enjoy!

Protein Pancakes topped with PPB

photo 2

2 eggs

1 scoop protein powder

Dash of cinnamon

Squeeze of agave

Whisk together the ingredients together.

Fry small round pancakes on each side for about 30 seconds.

Stack and top with PPB sauce (regular PPB with added water to reach the saucy consistency).