What does it mean to be healthy?

“Healthy” is a word which is being constantly thrown about and is something which many strive to become. But what is healthy? What do I have to do to become healthy?

Eating kale, drinking green juices and becoming a yogi is the common thoughts of extreme health. But doing all these does that instantly make you healthy? And if I don’t can I not call myself healthy?green-juice
Health to many involves strict diets and regular exercise to get the results of rippling abs and glowing skin. Is having a washboard stomach and flawless skin the only way I can become healthy?
Well the answer to these is no. Health is not defined by one, or any of these common thoughts. 
The English dictionary definition of health is “state of being free from illness and injury” this doesn’t mean that you have to follow certain guidelines, lifestyles just because you see them as the only way to be healthy.
To me, health is all about balance.
Balance with food, yes I mean it’s healthy to eat that slice of chocolate cake.
My favourite quote –
“eat chocolate when your heart needs it and kale salad when your body needs it”
allowing you to give your body the nutrients it deserves but also allowing yourself the odd soul feeding indulgent treat. It also means allowing yourself to rest off exercise – yes that’s healthy too. Put your feet up relax and enjoy!
Although that to me is what ‘healthy’ is, the truth is, that health is different for everyone and it’s important to find what your healthy is.
Finding health is a mental and physical challenge which is often hard to achieve but strive for that balance. Enjoy your health and happiness.