STRIPPD is a new brand that sells supplements and protein powders that have been specifically designed for women.


We recently tried out STRIPPD protein powders and wanted to tell you more because we loved them!

When making STRIPPD, the creators started from scratch, and aimed to find exactly what women wanted and needed from protein powder. They discovered that women wanted a simple product that tasted great, was affordable and would do them good. As a result, STRIPPD was born.

STRIPPD has a range of whey and plant based protein powders which are great tasting. The powders have also been stripped right back (pardon the pun) and so are free of nasty chemicals, and additives. Instead, STRIPPD protein powders contain just the right amount of easily digestible protein with some seriously tasty extra ingredients like Yerba Mate to boost our health even more, so that we can recover faster and enjoy being healthy!


STRIPPD is super versatile. It tastes great on its own, or you can mix it into smoothies as I have done here (this was the vegan berry blend), or even into your morning bowl of oats. 

To try STRIPPD for yourself head to their site now! 

We tried STRIPPD’s vegan protein powder, which is a blend of protein powders from whole pea and hemp sources with some added beneficial ingredients such as the afore mentioned Yerba Mate which can boost the immune system. This plant based powder would be ideal for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant because the powder tastes great, and still contains all of the essential amino acids for maintaining lean muscles and healthy skin, hair and nails. STRIPPD vegan powder is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Berry flavour. All of which are delicious!


We also tried STRIPPD’s whey protein powder which is a source of complete protein because it contains all of the essential amino acids for building lean muscles and maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Just like the vegan blend, the whey powder contains the metabolism-boosting Yerba Mate plant extract. This powder is also available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Berry flavour.

vanilla pic

If you are really keen to try STRIPPD products then head to their site now! 

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