Cytosport Protein Powder

Protein is an essential component of the human diet. It is a macronutrient, like fats and carbohydrates and as such you need quite a lot of it to stay healthy. This is especially the case for athletes, and those who have active lives.

However getting enough protein can be difficult. Especially because protein cannot be stored in the body in the same way that carbohydrates and fats can be. Therefore it is essential to replenish your bodies protein supplies in your diet. As an athlete it is especially important to ensure you are getting enough protein, as you need it for recovery.protein

Protein rich foods include red meats, poultry, beans, nuts, eggs and seeds. These sources of protein are all clean and are great for your body. Getting protein from foods is all well and good, but it can be tough if you don’t feel like eating after a tough work out or if you are out of the house.

Protein shakes can be a great alternative, however not all are made equal. It is important to make sure that you find ones that are made of good quality protein and have few unnecessary additives.

Cytosport is one company that sells high quality, high protein products. Their products are clean and most are safe for college and elite athletes as they do not contain any banned substances. I tried a couple of the shakes that they make; muscle milk and monster protein.



I used the vanilla creme muscle milk powder to make a protein shake. It was creamy and smooth, and had no lumps- which is pretty unheard of in terms of the protein shakes that I have tried.

 I have also used the vanilla protein powder to make protein pancakes! I added some summer fruits to the mix which added a lovely sweetness to the pancakes. These pancakes are a great way to start the day and the perfect meal to have after a hard workout. Feel free to add extra toppings such as peanut butter, yogurt or maple syrup.

protein pancakes

I mixed the chocolate Monster Protein powder into Greek yogurt and sprinkled some nuts, raisins and oats on top to make a deliciously sweet and nutritious evening snack.