Barney Butter (Take One)

As a lover of peanut butter it felt wrong to branch out and try another nut butter, but I couldn’t resit trying Barney Butter’s as they are all natural, containing only almonds, organic cane sugar, palm fruit oil, sea salt. Barney Butter also boasts that almond butter is a healthier alternative to peanut butter, as shown by the table below which was taken from the Barney Butter website (

Almond Butter is a Healthier Alternative to Peanut Butter.

Compare nutritional information for Barney Butter Smooth vs. peanut butter based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

Peanut Butter Barney Butter
Calories 188 182
Saturated Fat 18% 7%*
Protein 14% 14%
Fiber 8% 14%
Calcium 0% 8%
Iron 2% 8%
Vitamin E 13% 25%
Magnesium 13% 20%

*The USDA recommends eating foods that contain less than 10% Saturated Fat per serving.

Barney Butter offers a range of flavors. I tried all of the flavors on offer which were: plain (smooth and crunchy), bare, cocoa + coconut, raw + chia, honey + flax and vanilla bean + espresso. I enjoyed all of the flavors, but my favorites had to be the plain varieties, the raw + chia and the honey + flax. I added the butters to my morning bowl of porridge, spread on toast, and even tried them in my baking.

Here is an example of the smooth variety:

prodSmooth copy

Barney Butters come in plastic jars, which are conveniently unbreakable, and also come in easy squeeze sachets which are shown below. I found the sachets great for taking with me to races, to the gym and also in my packed lunches. The sachets are available in two different sizes, so they are great for both big and small appetites. You can get all the flavors of the nut butters in the sachet form, so i thought that they were perfect.

Almond butter

On the Barney Butter website they have a tab for recipes. I tried a couple of them, and enjoyed them both. I escpecially enjoyed the almond coconut protein bars ( which I took with me to have after training.  I would recommend trying some of the recipes out, here is the link: Let us know what you thought, or tell us some of your own recipes by tweeting them to us, or by posting them on instagram.