How to train for your best 10km

Training for a 10km can be tough- 6.1 miles is a long way for someone who is not used to running, and feels especially long if you are wanting to get a certain time. This aim of this 6 week training plan is to get your 10km time down.

Training for a 10km forms the foundation of all-round fitness. This is because training for this distance includes all three of the core components of distance running which are: strength, stamina and speed. It is hoped that this plan will not only help you to train for your goal 10km, but if you make small adjustments you could also use it to prepare for everything from a 5km to the marathon.

Obviously, it is important to adapt the training to your own goals and lifestyle. This is because training for a 10km is not the same for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Therefore,  if you can’t complete a given workout, don’t. Also, if you need to rearrange training days to fit your schedule, do it.

I have devised 3, 6 week training plans. Look at the profiles and decide which one best suits you, then follow that plan.

Runners Profiles 


You have been running for at least 6 months and would say you are above a novice in ability. I would suggest that you have done a couple of 5kms and are able to run 5-6km three or four days a week. Beginner runners often run when they feel like it, and do not follow a training plan. However, now you want to enter – and finish – a 10km race.


You have been running for at least a year and have done a few some 5km races. You may also have done one or two 10km races. But you often finish feeling like you could have done better. You are a recreational runner, but you now want to make a commitment to training to see how fast you can go.


You have been a serious runner for a number of years. In this time, you have run many races, maybe even a marathon. You are familiar with different types of training sessions such as fartleks and intervals, and you feel that you can run comfortably for an hour or more. You now want to commit even more to training, and want a breakthrough time. You are keen and willing to put in a rigorous six weeks to achieve it.

Beginner 10km 6 Week Training Plan 


Intermediate 10km 6 Week Training Plan 


Advanced 10km 6 Week Training Plan 


In addition to training consistently and sleeping well, your nutrition and hydration must be good. To learn more about these aspects look at other ‘trainandchew’ posts.

Information above is from ‘Runners World’.