Rawxies are an awesome company offering a super nutritious product that combines the good for you-ness of health food bar with the taste and indulgence of a dessert.

Rawxies cookies are amazing. They are packed perfectly so that they can be enjoyed anytime of the day; breakfast, mid-morning snack, or even as dessert- my personal favorite option!

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Rawxies cookies are made with oats so that they can keep you fuller for longer than most other fruit only bars. They are also low carb, low sugar and low calorie- at only 175 calories or less per cookie! NB: Despite being low sugar, Rawxies don’t contain any nasty artificial sweeteners so no nasty intestinal discomfort or associated side effects!

Rawxies is committed to providing low sugar snacks that do not poison the human body.

Rawxies use coconut palm sugar to sweeten their cookies. I know sugar is usually frowned upon, but please remember that not all sugars are created equal. Coconut Palm Sugar- the sugar that is found in Rawxies cookies- is derived from the nectar of the sugar blossoms of the coconut palm tree. This sweet nectar is naturally low on the Glycemic Index (GI) at 35, it delivers a slow release of energy and is also high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. Result!

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A final note before I show you how yummy Rawxies are, is that Rawxies cookies are a’predigested food’. This means that they have not been (those that are not heated above 105 degrees). By not super heating the bars, it ensures that they can be easily digested by the body. This is great for anyone suffering from digestive disorders!

Rawxies offer a few different flavors of cookie. I have tried 3 of those flavors: Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Mint and Choc Chip Cookie Dough.

Get your hands on some Rawxies cookies now by heading to their website: Buy Cookies Now!! 

The first one that I decided to try was their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cookie- and boy was it good!


The gorgeous heart shaped cookie was just so pretty to look at! Not only did it help get me through an afternoon of classes and training, but it also made my belly leap for joy as it tasted awesome! The chunks of chocolate ran throughout the cookie and it had just the right level of sweet stodginess- just like the cookie dough of my childhood! Serious NOMS!


There is nothing about Raxies cookies that you can’t help but smile about. The cookies are made with super healthy ingredients, taste amazing and are super convenient. They are gluten free, dairy free and soy free- but delightfully they are not taste free! The only thing I might say is that I found the cookie a little salty- probably due to the addition of the Himalayan Salt- but when topped with slices of banana the saltyness was A-OK!


There really is love in every bite of these amazingly yummy heart shaped cookies!


The Mint Choc Chip cookie was up next- and it was no less amazing!!

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The mint cookies also had the delicious chunks of chocolate running through them- which made the cookies taste super decadent, and the mintyness from the peppermint made the cookies taste refreshingly different. Loved them!

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There really is love in every bite of Rawxies cookies!

Last but no means least in my Rawxies taste test was the lemon poppy seed cookie. Just like all Rawxies products the Lemon cookies contained no rubbish ingredients, and yet tasted phenomenal! I loved the poppy seeds running through the cookie.


Having the lemon cookie post run was ideal- it was the perfect mix of carbs and protein to refuel my muscles- not to mention being super yum!


Get your hands on some Rawxies cookies now by heading to their website: Buy Cookies Now!! 

Another awesome way that I enjoyed the lemon cookie was as a desert- topped with banana and drizzled with chocolate sauce and blueberries. Perfection!


I mean what is not to love about these cookies?! Go and get yourself some now!!