Neat Foods – Healthy Meat Alternative

Neat is a pretty new company set up by a husband and wife team who were looking for a healthy meat alternative for their family.

Neat, a healthy replacement for meat - logo

Neat products are unlike other meat and egg replacement products, because the products are all natural, nut based, gluten free and do not contain nasty chemicals. Neat products can be used to make foods that have a similar texture to meat, and taste similar too. Neat products are therefore ideal for vegans, vegetarians or those wanting to cut back on their animal product intake.

Neat have a pretty good blog with a number of recipes to try out- take a look here: 

I tried out the Neat burgers and followed the instructions on this video:

They were so easy to make, and tasted awesome!

I used the Neat egg replacement pack in my recipes. It looked like this:

photo 1

Each pack of egg replacement can make the equivalent of 18 eggs, and you can use it any of your favorite recipes!

 I also tried Neat tacos- they were so good and you couldn’t even tell that you weren’t eating meat! This is what the Neat Mexican mix looked like before I added the ‘egg’ (left) and after cooking (right):

photo 2photo 5

My carnivorous boyfriend was even impressed! I mean who wouldn’t be when you can have delicious tacos with all the toppings!


My favorite meal that I used Neat products (breakfast mix) for was in a broccoli and green bean stir fry. Which you can see here:

broc stir fry

Neat wanted to make their company a socially responsible one, and so they work with Vision Corps. By doing so they are providing employment for a number of blind and visually impaired people. Take a look at this video for more information: 

Click here for more information about Neat and for all your Neat shopping needs: