Matcha Raw

Matcha Raw is an Australian company that produces really high quality organic matcha green tea powder! It is all in the name! Matcha Raw selects the best raw matcha green tea and makes it into a product that contains no unnecessary additives, colours or flavours.

Matcha Raw has a vision, which is simple- they aim to: passionately provide the best all natural, certified organic Matcha Green Tea for the customer, to achieve a healthier lifestyle – simply, cleanly and consistently.

Matcha has been used for years and years for it’s incredible health benefits. Matcha was introduced into Japan from China in the 11th century by Zen Buddists. Since then, matcha has remained a key part of rituals in Zen monasteries, but it has also been increasing in popularity in everyday culture!
Matcha Raw believe that matcha will become an essential part of every bodies health regime. Matcha Raw think they are our perfect matcha! 😛 And I agree! 

Matcha green tea powder is made from the leaves of the green tea plant which is grown in Japan. The tea leaves are  grown in the shade to increase their chlorophyll content- boosting their antioxidant levels. When mature, the leaves are hand-picked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. Unlike normal green tea, matcha powder allows the entire leaf to be ingested- so all the antioxidant powers (6.2 times the antioxidants of goji berries and 7 times that of dark chocolate- although this one can be overlooked :P) can be taken in.

Matcha powder is boasted to having anti-aging properties, as well as being a helpful weight loss aid, detoxifier, mind enhancer, and energy booster. Pretty incredible if you ask me!

Matcha powder is super versatile. I have enjoyed experimenting with it in baking and everyday cooking! Not only does matcha raw make an awesome drink by simply mixing it with warm frothy milk, but it is also an amazingly antioxidant rich addition to cakes, smoothies, energy balls and pretty much anything else you can think of!

(Image above from the Matcha Raw website)

Matcha Raw green tea has a distinctive full bodied delicious flavour similar to that of regular green tea, only better. To be honest when combined in recipes you can’t taste it that strongly as the temperature of the water, amount of matcha used and other ingredients in your recipes influence the taste of the matcha.

Here are some awesome ways to incorporate Matcha Raw into your everyday life…. let us know if you want any of the recipes by commenting on this post!

Firstly, literally as soon as my Matcha Raw green tea powder arrived I made some awesome chocolate orange matcha energy balls. They were so easy to make but so amazingly delicious. I loved them on their own, or as an addition to my nice cream bowls, smoothies and porridge.


Here they are as an energy boosting afternoon snack:


I am a massive fan of porridge in all forms. I especially love it in the evening before bed as a stomach filling, warming bowl of deliciousness. This bowl here was a little different to the traditional bowl of oats you might be used to but it was no less delicious, and was filled with vitamins and antioxidants as it was a blend of banana, kale, matcha raw green tea powder and oats. Seriously good!


Another great idea for adding matcha is as an addition to smoothies. Just look at this incredibly green glass of yumminess:


A final idea is adding a sprinkling of matcha to pancake batters! Seriously good stuff. Just look at these pancakes:


Anyway, get yourself some matcha and take a look on @thefidgetfoodie or @trainandchew for recipe ideas, or start experimenting with your own recipes! Seriously worth it- so good for you and so yummy!

For more information about Matcha Raw, and to get yourself some see here: Matcha Raw website