Daiya products (pronounced “day-ah”) are a dairy-free dream come true. They offer products that are extrodinary in flavor, taste and texture. But, Daiya isn’t just about dairy-free living – all of our products are plant-based and free of the top 3 food allergens- dairy, gluten and soy.

I  thought creamy New York cheesecake was a thing of my past when I started to cut back on my dairy consumption, but that was before I heard of Daiya! They offer three different flavors of dairy free, soy free and gluten free cheezecakes that look sublime! I tried the New York cheezecake, shown below:

cheesecake 2

It is the combo of crunchy, sweetness from the base and the creamy tartness of the topping that I used to love most about cheesecake, and this Daiya alternative did not disappoint on either aspect. The base of the Dairy New York cheezecake was crumbly yet crunchy, and it was just the right level of sweetness. The topping was also uber creamy thanks to its make up from coconut cream!

The cheezecake was delicious as it was, cut straight out of the fridge. As shown here:


I even ate the last piece straight from the box with a spoon when I was travelling home last week as it was just so amazingly tempting. But, my favorite way to eat the creamy (vegan friendly) cheezecake was when served with a big dollop of nut butter and some frozen berries. Just look at it (Image from @pancake2peach):


The combination of sweet cheesecake with the sticky and crunchy nut butter and the fresh, tart berries was simply amazing! The flavors also reminded me of PB+J- an absolute personal favorite of mine! It could be a trick that Daiya are missing out on- I mean who wouldn’t love to see PB+J cheezcake in the shops!

Diaya also have a number of other dairy free, gluten free and soy free products on offer. Such as grated, blocked and slice cheeses, prepackaged meals such as mac’n’cheese and pizza, and Greek style yogurts. All of the Daiya products come in different sizes and flavors- sure to tempt most buyers!

We tried Daiya Greek style yogurt. It was so intensely creamy, sweet and so ‘yogurt’ like! I loved it as a base to cereal in the morning, and also as a dessert base, for example as it is shown here as a base to an EatMeGuiltFree brownie, some nut butter and frozen raspberries.


Another product that we tried was Daiya shreds- a dairy free alternative to grated cheese. The Daiya cheese was rich and creamy, with a proper cheesy taste- far separated from many other lactose free cheeses which are bland and lackluster. The Daiya cheese also delivered the stretchiness and texture of normal cheese without compromise- ideal for nacho’s, pasta and jacket potato toppings.

Our favorite cheese was the Pepperjack style shreds- perfect for our weekly quesadilla dinner! The shreds offered a stringy, gooey bite to the meal, and and helped to make our meals really tasy. Daiya Shreds come in Classic Blend, Cheddar, Mozzarella and Pepperjack styles. Just look at the shreds melted all over the nacho’s, and the block in used in the mac and cheese below!:


Daiya products are really worth trying! Look out for them next time you head to the shops.