Emmy’s Organic Macaroons

Who’d have thought that raw, vegan macaroons could be so delicious?

If you are super keen to try them out, you can get them from Emmy’s website, simply click here: Yummy macaroons!

Emmy’s macaroons are flavor packed, rich and delicious morsels of goodness. The macaroons are moist, sweet and chewy. Every bite is just amazing. There are a few different flavors in the range, that include chia spice and raspberry. I tried out 4 of the flavors on offer- Dark Cacao, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Vanilla and Lemon Ginger- all shown here:


Emmy’s macaroons are the perfect size to have with a cup of tea, or as a post dinner nibble. The macaroons are made with only the best ingredients. Combining organic coconut, organic raw agave nectar, almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, natural flavoring- dependent on which macaroon you go for, and himalayan crystal salt. Can’t get much better than all natural yumminess!

Here is one of the Dark Cacao macaroons about to make the journey into my belly!


I loved adding the little macaroon rounds as a topping to my nice cream bowls, smoothies and overnight oats. Seriously delicious. Here is the Coconut Vanilla macaroon on top of a jar of berry nice cream. Perfection!


Here is one of Emmy’s Dark Cacao macaroons on top of a snack glass of layered overnight oats and Matcha chia pudding.


My personal favorite macaroon flavor, out of the one’s I tried, was the Chocolate Chip! I loved having sweet choc chip surprises as I munched on the sweet round of goodness. The choc chip macaroons were made after the success of the Coconut Vanilla macaroon. The choc chip rounds are packed with rich, dark chocolate morsels- seriously yummy. These macaroons are Emmy’s homage to one of the most enjoyed cookie flavors in the world!  Here is one of Emmy’s choc chip macaroons on top of my green smoothie bowl with berry nice cream.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

You really must try Emmy’s macaroons! They are simply amazing. (I haven’t been asked to say that!- they really are delicious). Head to Emmy’s site now to order your macaroons: Click here for a world of yumminess!