Barney Butter (Take two)

What’s not to love about Barney Butter? It is a natural nut butter product that tastes amazing!

We tried out the single serve packs of Barney Butter. Each sachet has about 3g of protein, 12% RDA of vitamin E, lots of healthy monounsaturated fats, and only 100 calories. Ideal as an on the go snack on its own or with a range of different foods! They are also great added to your favorite recipes, like curries, cakes or salad dressings!

We got to try out all of the flavors that Barney Butter currently has on offer! So that includes: Raw and Chia, Vanilla Bean and Espresso, Honey and Flax, Crunchy, Smooth, Bare (just almonds), and Cocoa and Coconut. The different flavors are shown here:

Barney Butter is also so versatile! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the different flavors of Barney Butter….

We used the Bare Barney Butter to make a chili and almond sauce for this Scot Jurek inspired Indonesian cabbage salad. I served it with stir fried tempeh and brown rice. The almond butter made the sauce so creamy and rich whilst adding lots of healthy fats and protein. Perfection!

photo 1

Barney Butter single serve packs can easily be taken with you to work or school. I took the Honey andFflax flavor sachet with me to work, and loved adding a dollop to a date, banana, and almond stack. So yummy, chewy and sweet!

photo 3

As mentioned in a previous recipe post,  banana oat cookies can be sandwiched together with nut butter to make a high energy, high protein snack which is great before or after a workout to fuel or replenish your muscles. I loved the crunchy Barney Butter in this banana oat cookie sandwich! It was ideal on the go fuel to take with me to my most recent XC race! I am sure any of the other flavors would also work well.

photo 2

I was right! The oat cookies also went perfectly with the Vanilla Bean and Espresso Barney Butter! Even though I don’t like coffee I still really enjoyed this flavor. It was slightly bitter from the espresso beans but the vanilla sweetened it perfectly. I smothered one of my oat and banana cookies with the nut butter, then sprinkled on some pomegranate seeds, a few extra whole almonds and some ripped up dates for a sweet, energy boosting snack that will be sure to fuel you through even the longest of days. I am sure you could also enjoy this combo on toast, on a bagel or on some slices of banana.

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (3)

The cocoa and coconut almond butter was so decadent and creamy! It went perfectly with banana slices, dates, apple sauce, some extra almonds and oats for a protein rich snack to get through some tough afternoon training. Delish and so easy! Perfect on the go too!


Barney Butters are a great product that cater to nut butter lovers everywhere! Go out and get some for yourself, and see which flavors you like best!

Because after all….

Barney Butter Trust Marks

*The opinions expressed here are our own.