Do you really need a gym to stay fit?

SO, lifting weights has scientific evidence that it works and helps to create a fit and lean body. But doesn’t this mean that you have to have a gym membership in order to stay fit?! Yes, lifting weights in the gym and having machines helps however it is not the only way! At home and in the outdoors there are so many natural objects equipments you can use to get a good workout in!

Bodyweight HIIT workouts need no equipment and can be done anywhere! All you have to do is 5 rounds of 4 exercises (jump squats, jump lunges, high knees, mountain climbers) 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest and you’re done. Your metabolism will be on fire and your heart has been worked! You fat will melt and do this 3/4 times a week along with a clean balanced diet and you will get LEAN!

Personally, although I love to go to the gym and I love to get my lifting sessions in, if I am doing cardio like cycling or running I prefer to do this outside. not only does it get you out of the gym, into the fresh air but it makes the workout much easier!