EatMeGuiltFree Brownies

I only came across EatMeGuiltFree in the past couple of months, and I am so glad that I did! They make seriously delicious, and healthy, brownies and blondies that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and contain no added sugar! Pretty awesome, I am sure you will agree!


The EMGF product line was created by Cristie Besu who is a nurse and sports nutritionist who was faced with the dilemma of her clients wanting a guilt free snack that also tasted great. She came up with the EMGF brownie and ensured that it was low in carbs, high in protein and relatively low in fat. Just what her clients were after!

EMGF are perfect anytime! They are also really versatile and so it is up to you to enjoy them how you like best! I loved trying out different toppings and EMGF combos.

My favorite EMGF combo was the chocolate brownie warmed with loads of nut butter and a handful of frozen raspberry’s. It was yummy, fresh and decadent- just what the doctor ordered after training!

The snow kissed blondie is a seasonal limited edition for EMGF and I loved it. The little white choc chips in the top were delish when melted, and made the blondie simply irresistible! I loved enjoying this blondie with a scoop of blackberry and banana nice cream- as it was a refreshing combo with the perfect amount of sweetness from the blondie. Perfection!

EMGF squares contain no nasty ingredients so you can be sure that you are only putting good things into your body. I mean just take a look at the ingredients above! What is not to love?

EMGF also offer DIY mixes so that you can create even more delicious treats at home. Take a look here to see what the DIY brownie mix is like and to see what things you could create with it: DIY chocolate brownie mix

As an added bonus, this holiday season EMGF are running a Christmas offer every day until the big day! For example, today’s offer (12/12/15) is this:

Christmas offer

For future offers, and to buy your own EMGF products, take a look here: EMGF website

Go on. You know you want to! Go unwrap the revolution.