RAW Revolution- RAW REV Glo Bars

If you are wanting a whole food, high protein, gluten-free bar that’ll give you a boost, then look no further than Raw Revolution! Their newly released Raw Rev Glo bars are high in protein, full of micro-nutrients, choc full of tasty ingredients and are vegan!


Raw Revolution is an an all-woman owned, organic food company that offers a range of whole food and high protein bars that are nutritionally pretty awesome! The bars they offer are made from minimally processed plant based ingredients, raw and organic super foods and are packed full of antioxidants! Just take a look at the label….


The bars that we were sent came in 3 flavors- creamy peanut butter and sea salt, mixed nuts, caramel and sea salt and my personal favorite- peanut butter, dark chocolate and sea salt.

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All three bars contained over 10g of protein that came from nut, pea and hemp sources. The bars were also organic, raw, full of nutritious ingredients, and contained less than 4g of sugar.

Additionally, unlike most other bars out there, Raw Rev has managed to balance the macro nutrient content of their glo bars brilliantly meaning that these bars are high in protein, low in carbohydrate, and full of fibre so not only do they keep you feeling fuller for longer, but they wont give you a sugar crash 10 minutes after you finish one- leaving you feeling radiant from the inside out.

I honestly loved these bars so much, not only because of their nutrient content but also because of their flavor and texture. The bars are both chewy and soft, and also had a bit of a crunch from the nuts. They were also perfectly sweet despite the lack of sweetener.


I would thoroughly recommend giving these bars a go. My favorite way to enjoy them was warmed in the microwave, topped with extra nut butter, with a side of fresh fruit and yogurt. Honestly, the combination is hard to beat! But you could also try them as a topping to nice cream or as a grab and go snack.