Raaw Macaw

Raaw Macaw are a new company based in Florida that makes delicious bars that are completely unique! The bars have been developed around”taste” & “texture” using simple, natural ingredients so that customers can feel good about enjoying them.
Raaw Macaw! Custom Health Foods
A great thing about Raaw Macaw is that customers can build their own customized energy bars online- so you can combine your favorite flavors to make a bar that is completely your own!
Just take a look at the Raaw Macaw site for more ideas: http://www.raawmacaw.com/customized-energy-bars 
But you can still of course still get the official Raaw Macaw flavors- which are totally delish. We tried the variety box of official Raaw Macaw bars so that we could let you know what we think about each flavor they have on offer and so you know what flavors to look out for when you buy the bars, or when you make your own!
There were 5 different flavors in our box:
  • Brownie batter
  • Coconut Husk
  • Cookie Dough
  • Lemon Poppy
  • Peanut Buttery Cashew
We loved all of the flavors so so much.
Here is the ‘brownie batter’ bar:
image bar.JPG
So excuse the messy plate, but the brownie batter bar was amazing! I warmed it up in the microwave and the bar became gooey- just like a real brownie, and the big chunks of chocolate melted into deliciousness. There were also walnut pieces in the bar which just added to the authentic brownie experience!
Because I love PB I also smothered the bar in PB which just topped the bar off so amazingly. I enjoyed the brownie batter bar with my breakfast, but I am sure it would be also amazing on top of nice cream, as a snack or used as a base of an awesome brownie cheesecake!
image bp
Here is the ‘coconut husk’ bar:
The bar was great just as it was out of the pack, however as we think everything is better warm we loved it topped with a dollop of nut butter:
You can also get mini bird food style bars as tasters. Just look how cute the coconut husk mini bar is:
I enjoyed cutting the mini bar up and sprinkling it over nice cream or oatmeal for an awesome coconutty, chocolate flavor addition.
Here is the ‘cookie dough’ bar which like the other Raaw Macaw bars was delicious, with lots of chunks of chocolate! I loved the cookie dough bar with a dollop of fresh almond butter along side a big mug of green smoothie after a morning run- divine!
As a last taster of what the Raaw Macaw bars are like, here is the ‘peanut buttery cashew’ bar:
pb bar.jpg
Just look at the size of the chunks! When melted you can imagine how good this bar is. Out of this world!
Anyway, we hope that from this post you can get a glimpse of how awesome Raaw Macaw bars are. But don’t just take our word for it- go and get some for yourself!
NB: Raaw Macaw bars are currently only available in the US. But watch this space as I am sure they will spread across the world very soon!