Surviving Freshers

So, its not uncommon for many freshers to gain that dreaded ‘freshers 15’, and put on some unneeded belly flab. This often occurs once you get to uni because you have full rein over what you eat and do. This, unfortunately can lead to some not quite so healthy choices.

When you start at university, you are now in charge of what you eat, and for many students this means endless nights of pot noodles and chips. Then, out comes the alcohol and with that the after night out takeaway and don’t forget the hungover fry up – when you put it like that you can see how easy it is for those dreaded empty calories to mount up and before you know it you’ve been hit by that 15.

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Make the right choice the next morning!

One way to reduce the effects of freshers, but still experience the ‘fresher’ lifestyle is to get up and get moving! Not only will you feel a lot better for it, but you will prolong the time before you become that little bit podgier!  So why not join a sports team – great way to meet new people, and a fun way to get that exercise in, or start an intra-mural sport such as badminton?! There is no excuse because there is such a huge array of different clubs to try all with different levels so something for everyone! If team sports are not for you, then why not join the gym, get along to classes or find a jogging group. Being active is great fun, and so good for your health and wellbeing. So what is stopping you?

Get Involved!

But note, it will only ‘reduce’ and ‘prolong’ the effects, the real way to prevent the freshers bulge long term, is to get the best nutrition in you that you can. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life, and nor does it mean you have to eat salads all day every day. Just find a balance and make the right choices.

And with regards to alcohol, you do not need to down ridiculous amounts to have fun, a few drinks here and there will get you merry enough and won’t damage your liver as much as a nightly binge would! You also don’t need to drink to have fun – a sober boogie never hurt anyone. And after the night ends you may be hungry after hours of dancing, briskly walk past the fast food restaurants and have a  healthy snack at home ready for your return! For example, healthy ideas could be: cereal and a banana, toast with peanut butter or a chicken sandwich.

chicken-pita-sandwich-400x400                    peanut-butter-with-toast

So next time you try and order the entire menu at McDonalds, give it another thought and think of the effects of that meal – will it make you feel better? or is it just extra calories you don’t need? Why not just go home, drink a pint of water and grab something healthy to eat.


You’ll thank yourself for it the next day! (well in the future – I promise!)