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Protein is the basic building block for muscle recovery and growth. But for many active people getting enough protein in can be a pretty unappetizing mix of lumpy protein shakes and dry chicken. But that isn’t how it has to be!

Dr Zak’s have recently launched a pretty awesome high protein product that is also super tasty and easy to incorporate into everyday life. Welcome: Dr Zak’s high protein bagels!

Here is why they are so awesome:

  • Each bagel has over twice the amount of protein as traditional bagels
    • But 40% less carbohydrate
  • Dr Zak’s bagels are multi-grain and seed
    • So are high in fiber and keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Dr Zak’s bagels taste the same (if not better) as ‘normal’ bagels
  • Dr Zak’s bagels are great value for money
    • 4 bagels costs just £3.50 which equates to less than 90p per bagel (24g of protein)
  • Dr Zak’s bagels contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
    • So you can be confident that you are getting high quality protein in without any unnecessary nasties

The bottom line: each bagel contains: 24g protein, 6.7g fiber, 27.9g carbohydrate, 293 calories. I personally would much rather have a proper meal after my training sessions rather than drink some shake containing ingredients that I can’t pronounce.


Above is a seriously tasty toasted Dr Zac’s bagel filled with fresh spinach and smoked salmon. It was so ideal after a chilly run this holiday season!

We also loved Dr Zak’s bagels on Christmas morning when topped with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon!

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Reach for Dr Zak’s bagels when you are next in need of a tasty high protein treat after your training session. Here is their site: Dr Zak’s