Designed2Eat is a unique, all natural food company.


They have a healthy food blog that specialises in a range of delicious cakes & cereal. They sell their products in a variety of sizes & flavours to suit your lifestyle which are dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, soy, corn, yeast, artificial free & only has naturally occurring sugars.

Take a look here at Designed2Eat products:

Why not try some out for yourself. I know we will. I am so keen to try the yummy cakes! I mean who could resit a chocolate brownie that contains only dates, sunflower seeds, coconut and cocoa powder?


We will be posting on twitter, instagram and on here to let you know what we think of the cakes and cereals that Designed2Eat have on offer. We would also love to hear from you and see what you think.

Designed2Eat is a UK based father/daughter owned company. Peter Dickinson, is a self-employed business coach having managed over 300 companies in his 30 year career & has always worked from home in Wigan.


Charleh Dickinson is a Sheffield Hallam Food student with an elite sport performance & nutrition background, founded Designed2Eat’s snack cake venture through her popular, healthy food blog which was originally started to track her journey on how she overcame her food allergies & intolerances whilst training.Charleh

D2E is innovative in its packaging (D2E can deliver 9-inch celebration cakes through the post), the all-natural ingredients which make them suitable for Vegans, Paleo, Diabetics, Allergy & Intolerant suffers & Athletes), the production being supplied through partnership companies (who also work out of the home with sections having been converted specially) & supporting like-minded small companies & communities (nutritionists, gyms, students) through a unique affiliate system.