Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business. Their mission is to bring you the natural vitality of Africa’s ancient ingredients, while creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers.

Aduna has a range of products that are packed full of African ‘super-ingredients’ include the extraordinary Baobab fruit, Moringa leaf and Super-Cacao. These awesome ingredients can be found and bought as pure powders, which would be ideal for boosting smoothies, food and drinks.

If you check out the Aduna website you will be able to find a host of recipes using the super-ingredients, like this banana bread with chocolate-peanut butter swirl:


You can also enjoy the super-ingredients as raw energy bars, made entirely from cold-pressed fruit and nuts- brilliant as a mid morning or afternoon snack. The packaging for the bars is almost as awesome as the bar inside- super smart, clear to read and even has a gold sticker! Check out the range of bars:

aduna.pngAfter trying the bars myself, although I loved the variety available, and the unusual superfood ingredients, I did find them a little dense- which is fine if you are really hungry and looking for something to fill a gap, but as I often munch on a bar quickly post training, I found them a little too heavy. However, that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the bars, and it seems to be a quality of the bars that loads of people really love.

Head to the Aduna website, or one of the Aduna stockists, to buy your own!

I have enjoyed the bars in a different way. For example, instead of having them as a quick bite after training, I have found that a great way to enjoy the bars is chopped up and added to cereal, or smoothie bowls. Their superfood ingredients add an awesome boost to breakfast! You could chop up a bar, and add it to this incredible purple smoothie bowl (recipe available on the Aduna website):

Purple Power Smoothie Bowl

If the taste, and superfood elements of the Aduna products aren’t enough to get you to try them, then the social impact that Aduna has is incredible, and surely will. Check out this video to learn about how boabab production can change and impact a rural community in Africa:

For more information shoot us a message, head to Instagram (@trainandchew or @glb_racewalk) or head to the Aduna website where you can buy their products or find out more!

How to Make Perfect Sushi

Sushi is the ultimate take away- fast food! It is super tasty, nutritious and so much easy to make then you probably realize! It makes for a great work lunch, children’s lunch box idea or party finger food munch.

I make sushi at least every other week, and it has become my go to food to take to races, and on road trips. It is just so versatile, and easy to digest. It is also a great balanced meal, containing veggies, carbs and protein.

In this post I hope to show you how easy it can be to make your very own sushi! No joke.

  • So, first things first, you will need to cook the rice (although you could also use cauliflower rice if you want to go grain free!).  I would suggested that you cook sushi rice according to the pack instructions- it typically takes about 15 minutes to cook and then requires about 20-30 minutes of sitting/ steam time (when the heat is off, the pan has been removed from the cooker, but the lid is on the rice).
  • Whilst the rice is cooling, you can prepare your fillings!
  • Cut your fillings up into thin strips to make them super easy to fit into your sushi rolls.
  • Great filling ideas include:

    • Veggies e.g. carrot, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, spring onion

    • Protein’s (best if cool- but can make warm sushi for an interesting change!) e.g. chicken, prawns (tempura prawns are amazing!), steak, tuna, salmon, egg omelette, crab

    • Your random fav condiments e.g. peanut satay sauce, bbq sauce, sweet chilli sauce, lemon mayonnaise, cream cheese

  • I love using a mix of crunchy veggies and soft tofu to fill my sushi. But use whatever you fancy. A great classic combo is crab, avocado and cucumber.
  • Right back to the rice- once it is cooked, and cooled slightly, you can stir in a little rice wine vinegar- this helps to prevent the rice from getting too sticky and adds a little tangyness. But it is not essential- so do not stress if you don’t have any!

Next is the fun part! Making the sushi!

  • Simply, get your seaweed sheet and lay it on your sushi mat (shiny side down). NB: If you don’t have a sushi mat, you can use tin foil/ cling film/ or a tea towel. Then spoon on your rice. You will need to squish it down, and try and get it to cover the whole sushi sheet width wise, but leave about an inch at the top of the sheet to make it easier to close the roll! Aim to have a layer of rice that is about 1-2 grains thick. Don’t go crazy or you won’t be able to fit in your fillings!
  • Next comes the veggies and protein. Simply layer your veggies neatly about 2 inches from the end of one side of the seaweed sheet. As shown below.


  • Once you have lined up your fillings, then it is time to roll your sushi up! To do this, you will need to be gentle but firm. Pick up the end of your sushi mat and your sushi and quickly roll it over, pressing the fillings down with your fingers. Continue to roll the sushi up as if you were making a swiss roll or rolling up a towel after a day at the beach!

Remember to keep pressing as you roll to ensure that your sushi is tight and your fillings are kept in place.


Just keep rolling…..


Once you have rolled your sushi up you should have a neat roll like the one shown here!


  • Next comes for the slicing. Make sure you use a sharp knife for this! I can usually get about 5-6 pieces of decent sized sushi from one roll. I would suggest making 1-2 rolls per person per meal- depending on the amount of fillings you use, and whether or not you will be serving your sushi with anything else!


Your sushi should look nice and neat like these here!

  • To serve, put the sliced sushi on individual plates, or on one big plate so it can be shared around. Make sure to have soy sauce for dipping, wasabi and ginger for those who like heat, and some extra’s like edemame beans to keep things interesting!

It would be great if we could see your sushi creations- so if you do go ahead and make some of your own then please tag us in your posts on Intagram (@trainandchew)!


This sushi was destined for my lunch box- just wanted to show you how easy homemade sushi is to transport! I had two rolls for my lunch. Both filled with veggies and tofu. I then took a couple of sachets of soy sauce to drizzle over my sushi when lunch time came around! So yummy 🙂


Perfectly Plump Protein Pancakes

So, I dont know about you, but I have a very sweet tooth. I love all things sweet and when you can make delicious treats that are healthy too – you can’t go wrong?!

Try out these protein pancakes, they are perfect for weekend brunches, post-workout meals, snacks, deserts.. well to be honest they are just perfect for any occasion!



Serves 1 (Makes about 4/5 pancakes)

30g Protein Powder (any flavour)

30g Oat Flour (Or you can use Rice/almond/normal)

2 Eggs

pinch of baking powder

Toppings: Yoghurt, Banana, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, Cacao nibs, honey…


– Mix together all ingredients in a bowl.

– Put some oil in the pan

– Once the oil is hot, dollop 3 large spoonfuls around the pan.

– Wait for about 30 seconds, once they have started to cook turn over and repeat.

– When they are golden move onto a plate and top, layer and cover in all the toppings


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REVIEW: MyProtein

Myprotein is an affordable supplement company with a huge range of products we are slowly making our way through! They sent a few products to us here at T&C HQ and here is what we thought of the products:

White Chocolate Almond Cookie;

11787330_10207617192966526_2049856971_n (1)


A sweet, protein filled cookie perfect for a post-gym refuel or an afternoon snack on-the-go. I personally found the cookie very sweet so it was a way for me tosatisfy my sweet tooth, crush those cravings! I crumbled the cookie up and it turned out as a great topper to any dessert or snack!

Caramel & Peanut Protein Choux Bar;


Lover of caramel, chocolate and peanuts? Craving snickers? This MP bar is the perfect substitution to your daily chocolate bar. A high protein great tasting version!

Cookies and Cream Whey;

The MP whey is mixable so perfect just as a shake post gym. However, I like to mix it up and get creative with whey. Perfect just 11830757_10207665648017872_885781272_nas a shake, mixed into yoghurt, creamy smoothie or as a cake. With a huge range of different flavoured wheys you will have a protein flavour for all taste buds. We recommend this flavour until we are able to get through the rest of MP stock!


Cookies & Cream Mugcake topped with Greek Yoghurt, Agave & Walnuts

 Golden Syrup Pancake Mix;11850938_10207665709179401_1518377406_n

Struggling to get the perfect mix to create the perfect protein pancakes? Myprotein have created a ready-made great tasting mix making that lovable breakfast, snack (or lets be honest dinner) easy to create. I personally love to make these to satisfy my sweet tooth and get creative on toppings! MP also offer Maple Syrup, Unflavoured and Chocolate flavoured Pancake Mixes.

MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim;

11774681_10207617192686519_615549177_n 11798448_10207617197166631_1277706426_nA low calorie drink, perfect for during training sessions or in the day to keep cravings at bay and energy levels high. We got to try Orange and Passionfruit which was full of flavour and perfect way to quench thirst. Other flavours MP include Mixed Berry.

Take a look at Myprotein’s website for more information on the products above, as well as some interesting women’s fitness articles:

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