What is Purition?

‘Well it has a lot less sugar than a smoothie. It’s way more filling than any of those meal replacement thingies and unlike protein shakes – it’s packed with real food. Quite simply it’s a glass full of healthy to build your day on.’ – Purition website

I came across Purition when I was searching for filling, nutritious and quick breakfast and post training options. Unlike many other protein supplements, Purition is made from real food- I can actually recognize every ingredient! Literally, the powder contains no gums, unrecognizable fillers, thickeners, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Just simple wholesome food ingredients. I loved this, and it ticked a box for me 🙂

Another awesome bonus of Purition is that there are loads of interesting flavours to try… whether you enjoy classics such as strawberry or chocolate, or are keen to try something a little different like pistachio or coconut. Most of thier products contain whey, but they also have a range of vegan shakes which are boosted with hemp. Have a look at their range:


Purition comes in large bags with scoops- as you may get with other protein supplements, or you can get individual sachets. As I wanted to try all of the range, or at least as many as possible, I ordered a sample selection. I also like how the sachets are pre-portioned and easy to carry- brilliant for after training or to take with me when I go away.


Purition suggest enjoying their powder as a shake. Simply combining the powder with a milk of your choice…. as suggested below:

What to do.jpg

Making a shake is easy, convenient and tasty. It also ensures that you get everything you need in one glass! I am not sure about it keeping you full for 4 hours on its own, but if you combine it with some fruit, veggies and milk in a smoothie it should do.

For breakfast yesterday, I enjoyed the macadamia and vanilla shake blended with almond milk, soya yogurt, and a banana, some spinach, avocado, and a handful of berries. It was delicious as a smoothie bowl topped off with some Pip and Nut peanut butter, a sprinkle of Rolla Granola and some extra berries- but any of your favorite toppings would work really well.


But why stop at smoothies? 

One of my go to snacks is a plant based chocolate mouse, combining banana, avocado and cocoa, but I thought I would try mixing Purition in instead of cocoa. I used the coconut flavoured powder in my mix, and it was awesome! I know the mush is green, but it tasted so great.

Also, because Purition is full of real food goodness- high in protein, healthy fats and just enough carbohydrates- the mix was ideal for a treat after training. I served my delicious mixture with lots more coconut, including COYO yogurt, Meridian coconut and peanut butter, and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut. However you could combine any of the Purition flavours that you like (I would recommend chocolate or macadamia and vanilla) with avocado and banana, and top your mousse off with whatever you love and it would be awesome!

The opportunities for getting creative with Purition are almost limitless- overnight oats, cake, bread, ice cream! Check out the Purition website for more ideas. It would be great to hear what you make using Purition- just post a comment!


If you want to learn more about Purition, or want to buy some for yourself, then head to the Purition website here: https://www.purition.co.uk/

Or, follow Purition on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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