PinnerTest is a New Generation food intolerance lab test. All that the test requires is a couple of drops of blood. The sample is then analysed in order to detect food intolerance’s.

According to the manufacturer’s, the PinnerTest is the most accurate Food Intolerance test in the world.

Test box.jpg

What are food intolerance’s? 

Food intolerance’s occur when individuals are unable to fully digest certain types of food. The lack of complete digestion results in foreign particles circulating in the blood stream. The immune system tries to fight against the foreign particles and this can result in inflammation. Inflammation can result in discomfort, and disease if left.

Food intolerance’s are not the same as food allergies. Food allergies are rare, affecting only 2% of the population. Food allergies vary in severity, but in the most extreme cases, when a certain food is eaten, the food allergy can cause an immune response in the whole body which is potentially fatal. In food intolerance’s, eating a certain food will not kill you, but symptoms can be lifelong and uncomfortable.

Why get a PinnerTest? 

If left, food intolerance’s can cause people to get ill and gain weight. A lack of serotonin has been suggested to be the causal factor in food intolerance. Check out this post for more information about the link between food, depression and weight gain:

Food intolerance symptoms can be easily prevented by avoiding or reducing certain foods. By taking the test you will be able to find out which foods you should avoid, and therefore will hopefully have the knowledge to help yourself feel better.

Ordering a PinnerTest: 

Ordering the PinnerTest is simple and can be done online:

Once you have ordered your test it will arrive in less than a week. In fact, my package that was delivered internationally arrived in less than 2 days! Once the pack arrives, you will find a small package, with an information booklet and an instructions sheet.


Once you have read the information, the test process is simple.

Test process

In the PinnerTest box you will receive an instruction sheet, which looks something like this:


The procedure is really straightforward, and for me the test took less than 5 minutes. All that was required was a tiny prick at the tip of my finger, which I did with this lancet:


Then, I dabbed a couple of drops of blood onto the sample sheet. That was all that was required for the test.

blood prick

The test came in a sterilized package- so no worries there either!


Before sending off the sample I completed the consent form that came with the test and packaged everything into a neat envelope ready for postage- super easy via UPS:

I am now looking forward to receiving the easy to understand report!  The report will clearly show which foods I should avoid and which are ok.

The foods in the red column represent of the report are the foods that the test taker can’t digest, and those are the PinnerTest Food Intolerances. Here is an example of the report:


Here are some FAQ’s that I thought were really helpful in deciding whether or not to go ahead with the PinnerTest:

  • Is going to a lab necessary to perform the Pinnertest?
    • No, it is an at home finger prick test. Really simple, pain free and required only a tiny plaster afterwards. No bruising and the bleeding stopped really quickly. Finger prick.jpg
  • How do I prick my finger?
    • The company provide you with 2 lancets in the kit. This is the lancet:


  • How much blood is necessary?
    • 3-4 drops of blood is placed on the collection pad that is included in the kit. I was worried that I would not be able to get that much blood out of my fingers, but it was easy using the Lancet. If you have trouble, then you can prick two fingers- using separate Lancets.
  • Does the test look for a permanent or temporary food intolerance?
    • PinnerTest is a test for permanent food intolerance.
  • Does the test look for allergies?
    • No, PinnerTest do not test for allergies, only food intolerance’s.
  • How many foods are tested for?
    • PinnerTest is a test that compares a blood sample against 200 different foods.
  • Will any medication show up in the result?
    • No, PinnerTest only test for food intolerance.
  • Does the test diagnose anything?
    • No, PinnerTest only provide the list of foods that test takers are permanently intolerant to.
  • How long does it take to receive results?
    • Results are emailed 7-10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the sample has been received. I haven’t yet had my results- but I am very interested to see what is found.
  • Do the company pay for shipping?
    • Yes,  as part of the fee for the test, shipping both ways is covered (with a tracking number). Although international orders do not receive a shipping tag, the company do cover the cost of shipments- as long as they are under $20, and not express.
  • Does PinnerTest ship internationally?
    • Yes, as mentioned above they also pay for shipping both ways (with tracking number)
  • How old should a person be to take the test?
    • 18 months and older.

If you would like to find out more about Pinnertest, then be sure to check out social media:

Instagram – @pinnertestusa with #pinnertest

Facebook – with #pinnertest

Twitter – @Pinnertest_USA #pinnertest 

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