Morning Motivation

With the summer supposedly now in full swing, getting fit is high up on the agenda of many people’s to do lists. However, getting fit can be challenging, not only physically but also mentally, with a lack of motivation being one of the main reasons why people fall off of the fitness train.

So, to help you to stay on track, and achieve your goals, we wanted to give  you some morning motivation!

This quote here is one of my favorites:

tip 1.jpg

I love it because it reminds me that getting fit is all about progress rather than perfection.

I wanted to use this quote for today’s morning motivation because I think it is important to remember that getting fitter is a journey and on that journey we shouldn’t try and beat anyone else. Achieving fitness is our own race and we have our own goals, because at the end of the day it is our own life.

We must all remember that reaching our fitness goals is about consistency and maintenance. Find a path and a pace that is right for you and then keep focused and work hard toward achieving your ultimate goals, and do not get side tracked by the goals of others.

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