The Natural Citizen- Organic Digest

The Natural CitizenOrganic Digest is a smoothie booster with a difference. It helps our digestive systems reboot thanks to a range of natural fibers, and it also helps to make smoothies rich, thick and filling- perfect!

The Natural Citizen makes an awesome range of smoothie boosters. I tried out their ‘Organic Digest‘- which is designed to help heal our digestive systems! The plantilicious smoothie booster combines gluten-free fiber from oats and Jerusalem artichoke, omega fatty acids from chia seeds, and the soothing support of Aloe vera, and as a result the Organic Digest can naturally support regularity and digestion.


Check out the little chia seeds in the powder!

I really like how The Natural Citizen always steer clear of any added flavors and other “extras”- because it ensures that the booster will do you good!

Each serving of Organic Digest:

  • Provides 5g whole food fiber
  • Contains organic Jerusalem artichoke, chia seed, oat fiber, Aloe vera
  • Is certified organic, vegan and gluten free
  • Contains ingredients that are non-GMO and allergen free
  • Contains no added flavors or other “extras”

Organic Digest is a smoothie booster with a difference. The powder is pretty flavorless (which I like) as it ensures that I can add it to any of my smoothies without worrying about it affecting the flavor. Actually, Organic Digest does have a slightly sweet flavor which comes from the oat fiber and so if anything, the powder tastes similar to oatmeal- which is always good in my books! The powder was an awesome addition to my banana, kale and cacao smoothies as the oaty flavor helped to really intensify the other flavors!


A great aspect of the Organic Digest powder that I loved is that it can thicken smoothies! I loved it because it helped me to create an incredible texture- making my morning smoothies that little bit more filling. The chia seeds also helped add a little extra texture- which I think is always good.

IMG_8686I always love to finish my smoothies off with a little bit of chocolate!

I also loved adding a spoonful of Organic Digest  powder to my banana ice cream, my oatmeal, and even to my banana and oatmeal cookies!

zoats recipe

You can add your Organic Digest to oats, like @rachaelsgoodeats did here!   

The recipe for @RachaelsGoodEats oats is on The Natural Citizen’s blog, and the link is here: Link to recipe for ‘Blackberry, Coconut and Zucchini bread oats’

A really lovely additional benefit of getting your smoothie boosters from The Natural Citizen is that you will be helping others! Every purchase results in The Natural Citizen covering the cost of three meals through donations to reputable charities. Which is really important because over 1 billion people around the globe are living with hunger. At the moment the Three for All scheme is only in the USA, but I am sure that as The Natural Citizen grows they will help improve the lives of people all over the world!

Three for All

For more information about the Organic Digest powder, and to learn more about The Natural Citizen themselves, head to their website by clicking the links throughout this post, or by clicking here: WEBSITE . You can also follow them on Instagram, and check out their blog!

The Natural Citizen Blog


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