Perfect Bars

Perfect Bar is an awesome company that makes delicious and nutritious bars.

The company started thanks to Dr. Bud Keith who was: a health food guy before anyone said “health food.” In the mid-1960s, he opened one of the first gyms — Healthouse Gym and Juice Bar in Mission Beach, San Diego, CA. He knew that what we eat has a direct effect on how we feel. He worked with Jack LaLanne to help change the way people viewed health and fitness — and to share his belief that “whole foods are the only acceptable source of nourishment for your body.”

You can  check out a more detailed outline of the Perfect Bar story by heading to their site, or watching the video below:

Check out the Perfect Bar blog for even more information, and healthy living tips and tricks!

I tried out a sample pack of the Perfect Bars. So I got to try the entire range on offer! All the bars are packed with goodness, and contain no preservatives, additives, salt, coatings, refined sugar or any other synthetic additives. They are just delicious.


FYI, the bars have to be kept refrigerated, or in the freezer because they are so fresh.

This worked fine for me, and in actual fact, I really enjoyed having one of the Perfect Bars straight out of the freezer because they were so refreshing when cold! However, you could easily warm the bars up in the microwave if you want a warm bar experience, or alternatively, just take a bar with you to work and by the time you want it, it will be perfectly thawed and ready to eat!

The first bar I tried was the carob chip Perfect Bar. It is a blend of creamy organic peanut butter, rich and velvety carob chips, Organic Honey and 20 expertly –hidden whole foods. Each bar contains:

  • And, are NON-GMO and GLUTEN FREE

The carob chip Perfect Bar was a great addition to my post run breakfast, helping to replenish my energy stores, and keep my body working at its best. I loved the little carob chips which were sweet and seriously delicious- an ingredient that I am not used to, but will look out for it now!

FullSizeRender (35).jpg

The Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is the bar that started it all. These bars are made from creamy peanut butter, organic honey and 20 expertly-hidden whole foods. The larger bar can be a delicious meal on the go, or if you are a me, a great snack, or addition to breakfast. As a result, these bars can be enjoyed wherever life takes you. And according to the makers, the ingredients are simple, wholesome and yes, perfect. You can get 8 of these awesome bars for just $20 from the Perfect Bar website– an absolute steal in my opinion!

Perfect Bar also make mini versions of two of their classic bars, and here is one such mini bar. This Peanut Butter mini bar was ideal as a quick bite after dinner, and was also a great little snack with some fruit mid-morning. You can get 20 of these bars for just $20 from the Perfect Bar website!

FullSizeRender (36).jpg

Check out the awesome texture of the Peanut Butter perfect bar:

FullSizeRender (37).jpg

You do not have to just eat the Perfect Bars on their own either. Be creative. There are loads of great ways to enjoy the Perfect Bars on their Instagram page. Just check out this stack of a peanut butter Perfect Bar with dark chocolate ‘hummus’, and fresh raspberry jam. Doesn’t it look incredible?! It was created by Tiffany from @nourishedbykale 


Perfect Bar @perfectbar on Instagram photo 2nd April 2016

I think, out of all the Perfect Bars I tried, my favorite was the Almond Butter bar. I loved the flavor, texture and nutrition profile. These also come in the mini size, so are ideal for any occasion. My favorite way to enjoy the Almond Butter bar was as a side to a bowl of banana and avocado chocolate mouse! I also loved the Almond Butter bar as a base to some of my favorite cheesecakes!

FullSizeRender (38).jpg

Perfect Bar listened to its customers, and created a vegan friendly Perfect Bar. The vegan Perfect Bar is Almond Coconut flavor, and is just as delicious as all the other Perfect Bars. The vegan bar is made with 100% vegan ingredients, so no worries there. This bar combines creamy organic almond butter with naturally sweet organic dates (as opposed to honey), and is blended with yummy coconut and, just like the other bars, also contains 20 expertly-hidden whole foods.




Perfect Bar also make a lighter version of their traditional bars for those wanting a lower calorie and lower fat snack bar. These bars are called ‘lite’ and come in two flavors: Almond Acai, and Cranberry Crunch. I really liked the crunchiness of these bars, and also enjoyed the fruity flavors.


These lite Perfect Bars are great for when you want to lighten up, or just need a quick snack between meals- to be honest, these bars are great for any occasion. The lite bars are still made by blending together creamy peanut butter with organic honey, but they are also blended with organic dried fruits, naturally light crispy puffed rice and 20 expertly-hidden whole foods. These bars contain 35% fewer calories than the traditional Perfect Bars, but are still 100% incredible.



To keep up to date with Perfect Bar, and to get your hands on some of your own bars, head to their site now! You can also buy Perfect Bars from a number of retailers across the US, have a look on the Perfect Bar site to see if these awesome bars are stocked in a store near you!

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