Ka’Chava is the Tribal Superfood whole body meal in a glass. Each plant based shake provides over 70 superfoods and nutrients that simply can’t fail to make you feel good. The amazingness of the Ka’Chava shakes are evidenced in this image taken from the Ka’Chava website:

What is even better is that each shake is pure, clean and delicious. The shakes are all: vegan, gluten free, soy free and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Brilliant news for me, and the thousands of other label readers, and health enthusiasts out there too!

Ka’Chava are made from lots of different plant-based whole foods and has been developed to deliver all the essential nutrients that our bodies need in one deliciously wholesome shake. Ka’Chava have developed 2 delicious flavors to choose from – Chocolate and Vanilla. My personal favorite was the vanilla shake, however both were seriously yum!

The superfoods in the Ka’Chava shakes have been used by tribal cultures for centuries for their health boosting properties. The superfoods used include those shown here:

Ka’Chava has taken a different take on shakes from so many other shake makers out there by taking a holistic approach to nutrition. Each shake provides you with the following:

There are loads of reasons why people drink Ka’Chava– check them out now on the Ka’chava site.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, serious athlete, health purist, or simply looking to manage your weight, drinking Ka’Chava daily is the best way to achieve the results you want while improving your overall health!

I enjoyed my Ka’Chava at breakfast combined with frozen bananas, kale, berries and almond milk for a delicious meal that really kickstarted my day, and provided me with all the nutrients my body needed to perform at its best! Amazingly by adding Ka’Chava to my breakfast it was able to carry me all the way through until lunch!

I also really enjoyed having a Ka’Chava shake as a recovery meal after a workout. The Ka’Chava shake made for the perfect post workout recovery meal as not only was it delicious, and filling it also delivers the protein, carbs, and nutrients that my body needs to repair and build lean muscle after training. In order to ensure that I was able to recover optimally, I added a banana and some berries to my shake, and finished it off with a handful of homemade granola, in order to get that oh so important ratio of 4:1 carbs to protein for optimal recovery.

You could create a range of drinks like this Chocolate and Spinach power smoothie that was posted on the Ka’Chava blog:

For some other great ways to enjoy the Ka’Chava shakes check out the Ka’Chava blog. Alternatively take a look on their Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter feed or Pintrest board.

What about Healthy Chocolate Wafers?

Healthy Chocolate Wafer Bars

Ka’Chava shakes are amazing. They can provide sustained energy, protein for repair and muscle rebuilding, they can control hunger and even help improve digestion! Check out the range of other amazing benefits that Ka’Chava offers on their site now! I literally cannot promote Ka’Chava enough! If I could I would have Ka’chava every day and would experiment with so many different ways of enjoying this incredible shake.

Go onto the Ka’chava site and get yourself some of this amazing product now. If you aren’t convinced by me, then simply read some of the reviews by other people on the Ka’chava site. See one of the recent reviews that was posted on the Ka’Chava site here:

Can’t Say Enough Good Things

I discovered Ka’Chava about a month ago by stumbling upon it on Instagram. I read the impressive list of ingredients and decided to buy both flavors. I’ve tried a lot of protein powders and meal replacements and this is by far the best! It doesn’t taste “green” at all! I look forward to having it for breakfast every morning and every smoothie experiment I’ve made has turned out really good.


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