A fast-paced, active lifestyle should not have to negatively impact your health. Low in sugar and net-carbs, high in protein and fiber, and free of artificial ingredients, NuGo Slim® bars make for a great low glycemic snack that’s ideal for people monitoring their blood sugar, looking to maintain a healthy weight or those just after a tasty snack!

Check out the NuGo website for their range of tasty NuGo products. They have bars for every taste, and every dietary need from vegan to gluten free. Check out the NuGo Slim Espresso and Dark Chocolate bar:

FullSizeRender (24).jpg

With only 2-3g of sugar, each NuGo Slim, bar is a guilt-free alternative to other dark chocolate treats.Each bar contains 15–17g of protein giving sustained energy- a great post workout refuel. Also, a great benefit for me, is that NuGo bars are free of maltitol which can cause bloating and gastric discomfort.

I loved the NuGo bars as they came, but also loved dipping them into some extra nut butter for an extra decadent, calorie and protein rich snack.

Check out the NuGo Instagram page to see other ways of enjoying these awesome bars!

If you want your protein and fiber without all the sugars and artificial sweeteners found in other diet products, NuGo Slim® is the protein bar for you. With five REAL Dark Chocolate flavors to choose from, staying fit has never tasted so good.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

As a lover of anything PB related, I thought that the NuGo slim crunchy PB and real dark choc bar was amazing! I took a bar with me to my track meet and it was a great way to keep me going between races. As an active, vegan university student I’m always looking for high protein snacks I can have on the go- these bars are just ideal. You can get your own bars here: NuGo website

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

These bars are an absolutely perfect option for peanut butter lovers. They are low in fat and contain no hydrogenated oils. What is more, the bars are dipped in REAL Dark Chocolate- so decadent! NuGo bars are the only protein bars to be covered like this. The bars are also vegan, gluten-free and contain over 17g of Protein, 3g of Sugar, 7g of Fiber, 5g Net Carbs and no maltitol. Amazing, and thoroughly recommenced.

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