LivWell Nutrition Plant Protein Powder

LivWell Nutrition offers complete plant based super food protein powder blends. LivWell started as a result of being tired by the lack of quality plant protein products available to consumers. They thought that it would be a great idea to create a product that not only provided a nutritional punch but also tasted amazing. So that is what they did. In 2014, LivWell was born. Since then, LiveWell aims to inform people, and provide the world with all the beneficial superfoods that bring nourishment to the body and mind.


Each serving of LivWell protein powder provides:

  • 17 Grams Protein per serving
  •  28% DV Iron per serving
  •  Amazing Amino Acid Profile
  •  6 Grams of Fiber per serving
  •  100% Plant-Based
  •  Highly Digestible
  •  No Bloating

“Vitality begins with you” – Martha Graham

Raw Cacao LiveWell Nutrition plant protein powder  is made from a complex of the most efficient plant proteins from around the world, in addition to a range of other super foods:

organic pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic hemp protein, organic sacha inchi protein, organic maca root, organic raw cacao, organic mesquite pod, organic stevia leaf, xanthan gum (for mixing)

The powder is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Each serving is packed with 17 grams of highly digestible protein. The combination of multiple protein sources delivers an impressive natural amino acid profile that rivals that of whey. All proteins are 100% hypoallergenic, free from soy, gluten, dairy and artificial ingredients. The cacao performance plant protein blend is great for:

  • Building Lean Muscle
  • Everyone from Extreme Athletes to Casual Vegetarians
  • Iron and Fiber intake
  • Increasing Libido
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Weight Management
  • Mood Boosting
  • Immune Boosting

Here are some of the reasons why you should try LivWell’s protein blends:

You can head to the LivWell Nutrition Instagram page for loads of awesome recipes to use their protein blends. Just check out this post for an incredible PB and chocolate parfait!

2016-03-13 (2)

I also used LivWell’s raw cacao blend in some of my own recipes. For example, I mixed it into my avocado and banana mouse to create an incredibly decadent dessert. Check it out:


Another great way to enjoy LivWell’s cacao protein is by blending it into nice cream and topping it off with loads of yummy things. Check out my recent nice cream bowl using LivWell’s cacao protein:

2016-03-13 (4)

LivWell Nutrition also offers a vanilla bean flavored raw plant protein blend.  Similarly to the chocolate blend, the vanilla blend offers an awesome combo of  4 different types of plant protein (brown rice, hemp, sacha inchi, yellow peas) so that it offers a complete protein blend for plant based eaters, and omnivores alike.

Vanilla Bean

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and so they are essential for energy and muscle development. By combining 4 different types of plant protein LivWell have produced the highest amino acid spectrum possible without artificially adding any chemically made amino acids like many other products you’ll find. The result is an amino acid profile with over 15 grams of amino acids.
Just check out the AMAZING AMINO ACID PROFILE of LivWell nutrition’s plant based proteins:

Typical Amino Acid Profile (Per Serving)

Essential Amino Acids
(per 30g serving)
Non-Essential Amino Acids
(per 30g serving)
Isoleucine* 645mg Alanine 766.2mg
Leucine* 1,258 mg Arginine 1,313 mg
Lysine* 733 mg Aspartic Acid 1,478 mg
Methionine 304.3 mg Cysteine 254.3 mg
Phenylalanine 788.5 mg Glutamic Acid 2,766 mg
Threonine 577 mg Glycine 666 mg
Tryptophan 163 mg Histidine 526 mg
Valine* 785 mg Proline 695.7 mg
Serine 781 mg
Tyrosine 722.3 mg
*Branched Chain Amino Acids

The vanilla blend is also an excellent addition to recipes. You could mix it into smoothies, banana nice cream or overnight oats (one of my fav’s). LivWell have created loads of amazing recipes incorporating their vanilla blend. Check out this super creamy vanilla smoothie that was posted on the LivWell Nutrition Instagram page recently:

2016-03-13 (3)

I loved incorporating a couple of scoops of raw vanilla LivWell protein into my chia seed puddings for an extra bit of creamy sweetness. Check out my layered beetroot, raspberry and vanilla chia seed pudding:

2016-03-13 (5)

To find out more about LivWell and the products on offer, head to the LivWell Nutrition website, or check out their blog, or social media platforms- they have Facebook, Pintrest , Instagram  and Google+.

I totally recommended their plant protein blends because not only were they delicious, but they were also amazingly nutritious. Win-win in my books!

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