Smile at the New Moon

Always lovely to be reminded that we are enough, and that we don’t need to always be better than others. I also always appreciate being reminded to stay in the moment- an important message for us all!



As human beings we are connected to all things within the universe, there are parts of us in everything and parts of everything within us. Just one of the times I am reminded of this is during the lunar cycles throughout the month. Sometimes I get emotional and start crying at a movie having to be consoled through what is meant to be the funniest part or have food thrown in my direction so I smile again. Sometimes I wake up dramatic and grumpy for no reason at all and want to crawl under the covers and eat chocolate all day. Otherย days I wake up full of energy feeling like I have slept for 30 hours when really itโ€™s only been 5, jumping out of bed full of energy and crazy happy for no reason at all.

Anyone that knows anyone who is semi spiritual/awakened/into yoga/meditates on their lunch breakโ€ฆ

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